SKIESUnlimited Gymnastics

SKIESUnlimited Gymnastics

SKIESUnlimited - 3508 Ellerthorpe Ave Across from Logan Elementary School Fort Bliss 79916 Google Map


We are very sad to report that the SKIESUnlimited Gymnastic Classes are temporarily cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please follow our Facebook Page Fort Bliss MWR and the Fort Bliss SKIESUnlimited Facebook page for up to date information.


SKIESUnlimited offers gymnastics classes for children ages 5+ years old.

Children learn basic tumbling and gymnastics skills. They will work on their balance, strength and coordination while they take turns and follow directions. The skills learned in tumble tots may be applied to gymnastics and cheerleading.

Beginner (5 years old) Cost $45 per month
Tuesday & Thursday: 4 pm

Beginner (6-18 years old) Cost $45 per month
Monday & Wednesday: 4 pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 4 pm

Intermediate* Cost $50 per month
Tuesday & Thursday: 5 pm *Invite only. Please call for an evaluation.

Advanced USAG level 3+* Cost $100 per month
*Invite only. Please call for an evaluation.

Homeschool* Cost $45 per month
Tuesday & Thursday: 11:30 am *Ages 6-18 years old.

Each class is 55 min or more. Classes will be consolidated if the numbers are low.

For more information, call 915-568-5544


Registration Info

All students must be registered with CYS Parent Central before enrolling for any SKIES Program. To register for CYS, please call 915-568-4374.
Classes run on a monthly basis and you must re-register and pay monthly. Registration for SKIESUnlimited classes starts on the 20th of the month prior to class.
Registration ends on the 7th of every month. No refunds after the 7th of the month.