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What is an FRG?

A Soldier/Family Readiness Group is a command sponsored organization of family members, volunteers, soldiers, and civilian employees belonging to a unit, that together provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance and a network of communications among the family members, the chain of command, chain of concern, and community resources.

FRG Regulations

Appendix J of AR 608-1 dated 19 October 2017. Appendix J outlines FRG Roles and functions; resources available to FRGs; fundraising guidelines, donations; and the budget process. Anyone looking for guidance or answers to FRG-related matters should refer to Appendix J or the Commander or Ethics Counselor.

REAL: Readiness Essentials for Army Leaders: This is a collaboration of efforts and best practices from FRG Leaders, Family Readiness Support Assistants, Command Teams and Army Community Service throughout the Army, to include active duty, National Guard, and Reserve. Use it to guide you as a resource throughout your journey with the Army to ensure command teams, volunteers, FRSAs, FRLs and Families have the right tools and resources readily available.


ACS provides the following REAL-based trainings:

·         Family Readiness Group (FRG) Leader Training- Designed to provide training for FRG leaders, Commanders, Family Readiness Liaisons (FRL) regarding their roles and responsibilities, FRG standard operating procedures, regulations, structure, recruiting, training, using community resources, organizing unit level readiness groups, managing, tracking and recording volunteer hours.


·         Key Contact Training - Designed to provide training in Key Contact duties, communicating with Family members, dispelling rumors, handling crisis calls, etc. It also shows Key Callers how they fit into a successful FRG.


·         Fund Custodian Training - Designed for FRG Leaders, Treasurers, Command representatives and anyone else who manages FRG money. It covers the various funds available and details the types of purchases that can be made with each fund.


·         Family Readiness Liaison (FRL) – Designed to provide training for SFRL and FRL who are appointed as Command representatives for the FRG. SOP’s, FRG structure, managing and tracking volunteers, community resources, regulations.


·         Care Team Training - Learn how to establish this team to prepare for trauma in the unit, whether it’s a family member or Soldier. Positions on a Care Team include home care, meal assistance, transportation, phone call support, and childcare assistance.

FRG Training classes are available monthly. Interested participants can register online under the class registration link or phone (915) 569-5500.

What are the requirements for FRGs Inspections?

An inspection conducted by a detailed IG, oriented toward the identification of problems, determination of their root causes, development of possible solutions, and assignment of responsibilities for correcting the problems. Generally, IG inspections focus on issues rather than on units. The scope and content are determined by the commander to whom the inspector general is assigned.

Commanders or another designated service member must be present at the ORA.

FRG and Online Registration
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