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Army Volunteer Corps (AVC)

  • Fort Bliss Volunteer of the Quarter 2024

    Fort Bliss Volunteer of the Quarter 2024

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  • 1AD & Fort Bliss Annual Volunteer Ceremony

    1AD & Fort Bliss Annual Volunteer Ceremony

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Fort Bliss Volunteer Week - 2024

2024 Fort Bliss Annual Volunteer - OPORD

2024 Fort Bliss Volunteer of the Quarter - OPORD

2024 Fort Bliss Army Volunteer Week Awards - Nomination Form

2024 Fort Bliss Volunteer of the Year - Nomination Form

Volunteer Nomination Packets Submission.

2024 Fort Bliss Volunteer of the Quarter Submission Form

2024 Fort Bliss Volunteer of the Year Submission Form

Army Volunteer Corps


Volunteers make a meaningful difference in the lives of Soldiers and their Families every day. Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) is designed to help you find local volunteering opportunities with organizations that benefit the Army community.

The AVC has redefined volunteering within the Army. We embrace existing volunteer programs, unite all volunteers who support Soldiers and Families, including the Active Force, National Guard and Army Reserve, and formalize the Army’s commitment to volunteerism.

No matter where people volunteer in the Army community, they usually want to contribute to Soldiers and their Family members. We recognize this common goal and want to help you find the right opportunity for you.

Volunteering helps your community and helps you as well. When you participate with AVC, you’ll:

  • Gain a sense of satisfaction/achievement by meeting challenges
  • Learn about the Army, our sister services, and the community
  • Acquire new skills and/or expand old ones
  • Obtain work experience
  • Build new friendships and become a cohesive part of the community

Contact your local Army Volunteer Coordinator within your Army Community Service Center to register and learn about volunteer opportunities across the Army.

More information is also available from Army Family Web Portal

The Army Volunteer Corps focuses on supporting Soldiers, Family members, surviving spouses, and civilian personnel through community involvement. Volunteer opportunities are available both on and off post. Individuals are matched to volunteer positions according to skill, experience and time available. Childcare is offered in some activities. Participants learn new skills, make friends, and become a part of the community. Volunteering can also be a wonderful way to gain job experience.

Go to Army Family Web Portal  to register and apply for available positions or contact us to learn more about available volunteer opportunities


The Fort Bliss Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) supports the Army's mission by promoting and strengthen volunteerism by uniting volunteer efforts, supporting professional management, enhancing volunteer career mobility, and establishing volunteer partnerships to support individual personal growth and life-long volunteer commitment.

The Fort Bliss Army Volunteer Corps office is the center for volunteer recruitment, referral, recognition and professional development for volunteers and volunteer leaders. Volunteers can be placed in a wide variety of positions throughout the installation and within the El Paso community. Through volunteer service, volunteers can learn or improve skills and gain work experience that can increase self-confidence and improve marketability for paid positions.

Every minute, every hour that someone volunteers contributes to improving the quality of life of our community; therefore volunteers change the world. Join the movement to make our installation, our city, our nation a better place for all Change the World, Volunteer!

Check out Fort Bliss Volunteer Corps on Facebook and on Twitter.

Steps to Volunteering


Volunteering in your community gives you a chance to give back. You will feel a sense of pride that you are volunteering your time, and a local organization will benefit, too. If you want to get started volunteering, find an organization that is a good fit for you, and then decide what you have to offer.

1.      Attend the Installation Volunteer Workshop. During the Installation Volunteer Workshop, prospective volunteers will receive an overview of the Army Volunteer Corps’ mission, installation volunteer policies and gain insight regarding volunteer opportunities. Register for the orientation at

2.      During the workshop, prospective volunteers will complete a volunteer interest form. The interest form will be sent to the volunteer opportunities of their choice on the installation and within the El Paso Community.

3.      After the volunteer interest forms are received by the prospective agency, they will call volunteers in for an interview and place them within their agency.

4.      Volunteers may also look for volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) at

5.      Special event volunteer opportunities (one-time special events) can be found on our Facebook page: Fort Bliss Army Volunteer Corps

For more information, contact the Army Volunteer Corps office at 915-569-5500 or

Classes (Register Online)
Volunteer Forms
Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal - Certificate

Submitting someone for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM) medal is one of the most satisfying things anyone can do. Not only does it express
your appreciation for the Soldier, but also the Soldier who was recommended is happy that someone recognized their volunteer efforts and took time to make the recommendation.

Download a fillable certificate for your soldier to accompany their MOVSM here.

Helping Hand Award Nominations (On-going)

The Helping Hand Award is given to any person who has distinguished himself or herself by providing exceptionally meritorious volunteer service to the Fort Bliss community.Volunteers must have at least 100 hours in the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS). This award consists of the Helping Hand Award Certificate and the Helping Hand Medallion. This award may be presented anytime during the year by Commanders or Agency Executive Directors.

Nominations must be received no later than 30 days prior to presentation to allow sufficient time for processing by the Fort Bliss Army Volunteer Corps Office. Also, prepare a proposed citation (see sample below) which includes the individuals full name, dates of service being recognized, and a summary of his or her accomplishments or contributions.


For the period _____________ to _____________, Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. _____________ was instrumental in organizing a consolidated family support seminar that assisted Soldiers and Family members in establishing a support network for _____________ (unit/organization). As President of the NCO Wives Club, he/she coordinated events that raised over $ _____________, which were distributed to the Fort Bliss Family Member Scholarship Fund and Operation Santa Clause. Mr./Ms./Mrs. _____________ willingly gave his/her time and talents to ensure the success of installation Family support programs. His/her efforts have had a direct impact on the quality of life for Soldiers and Family members and reflect great credit on him/her, _____________ (name of nominating unit/organization), and the Fort Bliss community.

Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS)

VMIS Directions

VMIS Transition Guidance